The wine route Montilla-Moriles is situated at the very heart of Andalusia and is composed of 9 towns of the Centre and South of the province of Cordoba.
  The ground is closely linked to the history, the culture and the traditions of the people in an environment rich in patrimony, craftsmanship and gastronomy. Here, the wine is the symbol of the special way of life in the area, the alliance of the ground, the climate and the grape.
  Our Route offers the opportunity to visit the town of Cordoba, scene of the three cultures: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Fernán Núñez, with the Duke Palace and surroundings. Montemayor, with his imposing medieval castle and viewpoint. La Rambla, traditional centre of the Cordovan pottery. Montilla, known for its centenary cellars and pilgrimage centre of San Juan de Ávila relics, which was named Doctor of the Church in 2012. Aguilar de la Frontera, with an important arquitectonic lordly patrimony and a singular octagonal plaza. Moriles, with many traditional wineries and wine-presses. Lucena, former Jewish city with a Muslim castle in which Boabdil was imprisoned. Puente Genil, has an important religious patrimony and is famous for the parades and the organization of the Easter celebrations.
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